90 Long Acre


‘Jo is resourceful and imaginative with a good eye for beautifully pleasing detail, whilst remaining diligent, pragmatic and a pleasure to work with. Her design has transformed the space and successfully achieved overwhelmingly positive feedback from the building’s owner and occupiers.’

Liam Bond Platform

Completed in 2015, this is a refurbishment of the reception and courtyard of a 194,000 sq ft office development in central Covent Garden. New owners, Northwood, wishing to raise the building profile and provide an inspiring environment for their tenants, first employed JWD to advise on feasibility. JWD developed scheme options to extend into the courtyard, reclaim adjoining interior space, as well as re-plan and re-model the existing areas.

A complete strip out enabled JWD to create a more logical layout and a greater sense of space. A new relationship of interior elements acknowledges the proportions and monumental scale of the existing three-part entrance. Lift entrances have been extended to repeat this rhythm. A double-height leather feature wall opposite the entrance matches its scale and creates a grey backdrop for a stunning light installation of steel spheres, which fills the upper space.

JWD’s scheme radically alters the first impression of the entrance and courtyard which face due-south. By removing reflective film, previously used to cut glare for those working in reception, and placing the desk in shade and perpendicular to the entrance, JWD opens up dramatic views into the elegant new interior. An etched design of off-set rectangles now filters the sunlight to form geometric patterns on the interior which change throughout the day. These create a dialogue with the same pattern in the grey leather wall and with the patterns of the exterior elevations framing the courtyard.

Controlled use of rough-sawn fumed oak, white lacquer, stitched grey leather and gold fabric and lights creates a stunning new interior.