astral towers


Astral Towers is a distinctive 1970s glass-clad building near Gatwick. Green Property approached JWD to redesign part of the ground floor and create a new reception and adjacent areas. The space available was expansive and light. The main challenge here was to provide high spec interiors on a restricted budget. JWD uses bespoke materials, sparingly, alongside standard finishes to give the desired sense of quality and originality.

JWD completely reworked the front-of-house areas to create a strong first impression and generous reception. The removal of an over-sized draught lobby at the front and a cramped one at the rear restores a sense of logic to the spatial arrangement. Reclaimed space allowed the creation of a business lounge which introduces a new social dynamic; a hub where staff can meet, work, or simply relax and look out onto the surrounding landscape.

Exterior views are reframed and given emphasis through the interior treatment. Against an off-white backdrop, a dramatic finishes scheme of black lacquer, leaf-green organza and brown in the walnut panels and light fittings, makes a connection with the natural exterior landscaping and enables the interior to sit well within context.

Completed 2010